When Robots Wreck Your Plan

I am having guilt.  And writer’s block.  This is not a good combination.

I had this grandiose plan to launch my new site and blog look…I even have a fun new book to give away in my first ever River Chick Giveaway Extravaganza!  It’s by one of the fabulous women I have met on the   For the Love Launch Team journey.  She’s been patiently waiting to see the post with her name tagged in it pop up….and I’m sure by now she is wishing she had picked someone else for this project.

I blame technology.

Truly.  I do.  All technology hates me.  I am not even kidding.  If there is a way for some kind of technical or machine-driven thing to go wrong with or around me, it will.  The weirdest things happen to me when it comes to this.  They’ve started asking me not to walk by the children’s check-in area at church when volunteers are trying to print name tags for the kids because the printer breaks every time I go by.

Every. Single. Time.

It’s ridiculous.  If there ever is a Rise of the Machines type apocalypse, run far away from me.  I’ll be the first human they come after.  No joke.  Give me the zombies any day.  And please, God, don’t let the release of functioning robots into society happen in my lifetime.

I digress.  Sorry.  Just so you know, I now want to go watch something starring Will Smith on Netflix.


photo credit: marvelouswallpapers.com

Because of my lack of skills in the cyber/tech arena, I finally broke down and reached out for professional help with upgrading the blog and website.  Which was absolutely the right and necessary thing to do, and was going swimmingly, until three days before my projected launch date…..when the precious, helpful, wonderful bundle of talent who is pulling this miracle together ended up in ICU…..almost in a diabetic coma…..having never before been diagnosed with diabetes. For the love…. I can’t make this stuff up.Who does that even happen to?  Me, obviously.

Lest you think I am horrible and selfish, he is on the mend and doing well, and gave me permission to tell that story.  Even he was laughing in disbelief.  I’m just grateful he still wants to help me and wasn’t scared off by the overt need of the Universe to mess with me in this area.

I am sure we will find an underlying mechanized cause of his illness.

All this babble to say “I’m still here!  Please keep tuning in and reading!”

I promise to have more salient points next time.  And perhaps a new look.

I refuse to speak in absolutes at this time.  No need to push my luck.

Solidarity, sisters.  Thanks for hanging in there with me…..

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