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As usual…I had a totally different blog post in mind to kick off the #fangirlyourfriends series. Alas, sticking to a plan is not my forte these days. So we’re gonna punt here. Welcome to the jungle, friends.

I met this amazing woman when I went to Buda for the For the Love launch party (Actually, I met a ton of amazing women, one group of whom is blowing up my Facebook messenger notifications as I type this with the most entertaining thread you can imagine, and I am trying to be responsible by ignoring the dings as I attempt to get this written and posted. It’s easier said than done, folks. These chicks are hilarious). Now I’m distracted and looking at my phone again. Darn it.

Where was I?

Ah…yes. The lovely Corie Clark – a phenomenal entrepreneur and gifted leader with a heart of gold (and fabulous planners, organizational tips, and goodies in her online store. You can check them out here). In addition to the many hats she wears, I have to add pom-poms. The girl is the ultimate cheerleader, and she proves it in her #fangirlyourfriends post and movement. The post on her blog (click here to see it) explains all the things beautifully, but I’ll give you a peek.

She says

“We can fangirl a little. We can be inspired and find ourselves in awe and wonder of what we see God doing in someone else’s life. But instead of buying in to our celebrity culture and putting that person on some man-made platform, why don’t we try and take what’s inspired us and weave that into our own lives so that we can share it with our community. Instead of always looking at that “celebrity” look up to God and then out to your people. If we’re so focused on whom we’re fangirling over, we’re missing out on what’s happening right in our own little worlds.”

Her premise is to take the spotlight off celebrity and big names, and instead shine it on the amazing women in our lives who are doing life with gusto, kicking butt and taking names. Women who inspire us on a personal level, who love us when we’re unlovable, comprise the village it takes to raise our children, keep it real no matter what, and offer us everything they’ve got: from carpool help to homemade meals, from shoulders we can cry on to a smack up the head when we’re rotten…..followed by a hug and some chocolate.

 I love having women in my life who embody the word “girlfriend” in the truest sense of the word – with all of the love and amazingness and non of the catty competition.

Do you know women like that? Better yet, are you one?

I strive to be, I really do. And lucky for me, God knows what a slow learner I am, so He chooses to surround me with great examples of how to be a woman worthy of this distinction. I could do fangirl post after fangirl post, not running out of material any time soon. And I will. We’ll be walking this topic out together, friends.

It’s only fitting that the first episode begin with the original player in my life of strong female role models and women who’ve taught me the meaning of fierce love.

Today would have been the 88th birthday of my Medzma, my incomparable grandmother; a woman whose zest for life, love for God and heart for others left a mark on this world that will fade about the time the sun does. She was one of the brightest lights of my life, and the day we lost her was my darkest to date. I usually circulate my original post about her (The Thing About Grief) on her birthday, but this year, I’d like to do something different. I think she’d be tickled at having the status of my first #fangirl moment.  As I wrote in the afore-mentioned post:

“My Medzma, my grandmother, was one of the absolute most important, influential, amazing, beautiful, strong, incredible influences on my life.  She was, literally, a force of nature and explosion of life, love and energy.  No one who met her could ever forget her.  Anyone who spoke with her was instantly mesmerized.  Everyone who knew her was completely in love with her, none more than I, her first grandchild and namesake.
She was unafraid.
She was unconventional.
She was uncontrollable.
And she was unapologetic.”

I’d say that’s worth a fangirl moment or six…..

My mom and I will meet for lunch today. We’ll toast her memory. We’ll laugh at the memories of her many and varied antics. We’ll cry more than a few tears, and wish for the impossible (just one more moment, one more hug, one last glimpse of her smile, smell of her perfume, or peal of her laughter) as we blow out the candles of her honorary cake. We’ll take a deep breath and wipe our tears, grateful for the lessons she taught us and traits she passed on. And we’ll find a way to keep going, keep growing, keep living.

She’d accept nothing less. It was her way…and now it’s ours.

And in spite of this hiccup, this moment of sadness that overwhelms me if I dwell in it too long, I can’t help but smile. Because my zest for life, my love for others, my tendency towards some pretty out-there antics of my own come so clearly in a straight shot from her. My daughter even more so (get ready, world). I find that to be such an amazing thing, an incredible gift.

Naturally, it makes me want to share. So, let’s do some gift-giving together. Leave me a comment with your fangirl story, complete with hashtag. I’d love to hear it, and so would more people that you’d think. I’ll be doing a giveaway of one of Corie’s #fangirlyourfriends mugs – each story gets an entry.

Isn't this great?

Isn’t this great?

Solidarity, sisters. Let’s hear it for our girls.