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Loving others

Ever have those days where “relationship” is a four-letter word? When people in general just suck, and everyone gets on your nerves, or you get on everyone’s nerves, or you feel lonely, or overrun by others, or like you’re never going to figure out how not to kill every person you’ve ever met? Every felt left out? Injured by someone’s words or actions? Hopeless when it comes to figuring out your significant other, or child, or neighbor, or boss or random Facebook commentor?

People are hard, and tricky to deal with…..and everywhere.

 We have to deal with them in just about every circumstance and setting.  We’re called to be in community with them, and to enter into healthy relationships and have fruitful interactions, showing love and respect to those around us.

It’s exhausting at times, especially when we think we’re the only ones struggling with this issue.  If this sounds familiar, rest assured that you are in good company.  Everybody has to work at this. It’s so much better when we do so together.

I am part of a fabulous little Facebook group that began a few months ago.  It’s a safe place to put together relevant topics and read/write/pray over devotional series.  We just began a new one, 10 days walking through relationships the way God calls us to.  Today was our first session, and I thought it might be fun to share here as well.  Every day, for the next 10 days, I’ll post a reading with some guided questions to facilitate reflection/journaling. It’s a super simple forum, and doesn’t usually take very long.

I know this is not the usual format for this site, but let’s give it a whirl, shall we? The more, the merrier.  Let me know what you think.

Here’s Day 1

 Relationships – Day 1

I think in order to effectively study the topic of relationships according to Biblical principles, we have to open our minds to a profound concept: People, ALL people, are important to God.

Read 1 John 4: 7-21
What jumped out at you?
Here are a couple of mine….. 

v. 16: And we have come to know and to believe the love God has for us. 

Therein lies the 1st step.
We have to believe that He loves us – beyond limits, without strings, without end, beyond what human words can express.
Do you believe this?
Do you see it in your everyday life?
Do you marvel that He created an entire planet just so He would have a place to put us? And then, when our ingratitude and lack of comprehension continued to distance us from Him, He sent His Son to walk among us, build RELATIONSHIPS with us, and save us for all eternity? 

It takes your breath away, doesn’t it, when you truly grasp the idea? 

List 3 examples of God’s love in your life.
What made you choose those instances?

v. 27: And we have this command from Him: The one who loves God must also love his brother. 

You don’t get much more straightforward than that.
It’s a command.
He loves us without exception, and He expects us to do the same for each other. 

So, what if we did?
What if we sat back, took a deep breath, and opened our minds (and hearts) to the possibility that EVERYONE around us deserves to be loved…because they actually already are.

What do you find most encouraging about this?
What do you find most challenging?
Write down the names of 5 people you find easy to love.
Write down the names of 2 people you find difficult to love.
Write down the names of 3 people you’ve never prayed over before.
Mention all 10 names in your prayers today.

I bet you’ll be surprised at what this does for your heart. 

Solidarity, sisters.
Much love to you all.